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Harnessing GPT3-Powered AI: Unlock Crypto Returns

Predict trends and potential breakout assets leveraging AI and social data

What We Do

We better predict trends and potential breakout assets powered by GPT-3

Social Data Analysis

The AI analyzes both quantitative and qualitative data on the Crypto market, allowing traders to instantly spot trends and increase the likelihood of success in their investments.

Three Tiers Prediction

AI Social Trade's advanced machine learning tools accurately monitor short-term, mid-term, and long-term price predictions.

Trade Execution

Executing a trade based on AI Social Trend analysis using GPT-3 technology allows traders to stay ahead of the competition by properly positioning their investments in the best possible direction.

AI and Cryptocurrency Expertise

Applying all other 4 GPT-3 models

The main GPT-3 models are meant to be used with the text completion endpoint. We also offer models that are specifically meant to be used with other endpoints.


Davinci is good at solving many kinds of logic problems involving cause and effect. You can imagine how this applys to the Elon Musk Doge Tweet scenaio.


Curie is quite capable for many nuanced tasks like sentiment classification and summarization. She can also help on analyzing the social trend of different languages.


Babbage is quite capable when it comes to Semantic Search ranking how well documents match up with search queries. Google search results tells us which token is hotter!


Ada is usually the fastest model and can perform tasks like parsing text, address correction and certain kinds of classification tasks that don’t require too much nuance. 

Plan our future

Product Roadmap

We plan our vision and execute by quarter. 

2023 Q1
2023 Q1
Marketing Site
List on Uniswap v2
DApp Beta Version supporting Twitter data
Support Uniswap on Ethereum Chain
2023 Q1
2023 Q2
2023 Q2
Supporting Reddit and Discord
Expand to Sushiswap and more DEXes on Ethereum
Expand to PancakeSwap on Ethereum and BNB chain
Expand to QuickSwap on Polygon chain
2023 Q2
2023 Q3
2023 Q3
Top Trader Analytics by GPT-3
Formulate the best trading strategy in Three Tiers, short, mid-term and long term.
Import your selected wallet address and favorite token to customize the strategy
2023 Q3

Our Tokenomics

All 10,000,000 tokens will be launched on Uniswap V2 mainnet in a fair launch manner, allowing $AIST holders to benefit from the deflationary effects of the platform. Each user must burn tokens in order to utilize the AI Social Tradesystem, thus making $AIST holders the genuine proprietors of the entire platform.

Total 5% per transaction
– 33% Community & Marketing
– 33% Development
– 33% OpenAI Cost

TAX Utilization



AIST 10000 Locked-Staking
  • Twitter and All chains
  • 10,000 $AIST for one DEX
  • Max. 100 customized trades


AIST 50000 Locked-Staking
  • Twitter, Reddit, Discord and All chains
  • 5,000 $AIST for one DEX
  • Max. 1000 customized trades


AIST 100000 Locked-Staking
  • All Ape Features
  • 1,000 $AIST for one DEX
  • No limitation on customized trades
  • Weekly lucky draw
  • Unlock Premium Features like sniper function